The People

Perfectly knitted
Our team is a combination of designers and technicians, of experience and innovation. Together, they’re more than the sum of their parts. This ability to interweave is the secret to our success – and that’s no secret.

There are a thousand stories that bring to life the collaborative mesh our company is made out of. So we chose just one: a day in the life of Luís, one of our agents.

Luís’ day starts early in the morning, before rush hour traffic. As soon as he arrives at Trimalhas, he meets António Cardoso, Head Production Coordinator. With a taste of morning coffee, they check last night’s production. Afterwards, they both head to a meeting with the Administration, where the day’s production cycle is optimized according to the clients’ deadlines. All this is informed by Mr. Antonino’s experience, from whom Luís has learned quite a few industry tricks.

After the meeting, Luís embarks on several types of client visits. There’s the clients calling to ask for a showing of samples. The clients that request his presence in an important meeting with an international clothing brand. And then there’s the clients that want Luís to check if the dying is being applied correctly to the Trimalhas fabrics.

Lunchtime break and, back at the factory, Luís exchanges some heated ideas concerning the latest football league match. Between the discussion, there’s also opportunity to discuss the latest trends with the designers.

In the afternoon, the custom samples the morning client requested are ready. Luís collects them and uses the opportunity to check if everything is okay with that client’s order for the following day. After taking the samples to the client, Luís returns for a new meeting with the Administration, where Mr. Tadeu is assured that everything that was needed for tomorrow was done today.

When Luís heads home, he’s tired but satisfied. At the factory, the production keeps going – already weaving the fabrics that he will be checking the following morning.