Sustainable Revolution - We made your sustainable Knits

Sustainable Revolution - We made your sustainable Knits

Inspiration is definitely our keyword since we remember ourselves as a brand. And this is nothing new for those who inspire us and who are inspired by us. However, because it is in our DNA, Sustainability is also on the list of values that guide us. And that is present in our performance!

Bringing together both worlds has been our greatest concern and the highest essence of our activity. But all this, for us, aren’t only fine words. They are particular, daily and common actions, present in each decision taken every day. And this requires a lot of learning, knowledge, growth, commitment...

That’s why, when we met the Fashion Revolution movement, we couldn’t remain indifferent to it. In Portugal wasn’t widely spoken, but it is international and aims to alert to the true cost of fashion and its impact on the planet.

The initiative was developed by a global board of leading names in the sustainable fashion industry, who met after a terrible accident at a garment factory, in Bangladesh, in April 2013, that killed and injured thousands of workers. The main goal is to raise the awareness of the world population about what fashion truly is and what is its impact on the human being and on the environment throughout the production and consumption process. In addition, it also aims to stimulate the debate on several other problems involved in the production chain, since the purchase is the last step of a long journey involving hundreds of people.

As we were at the beginning of this chain, and because we always tried to maintain a good ecological footprint, we couldn’t fail to associate ourselves with this movement. The great climax of this revolution took place during a week (the Fashion Revolution Week) of last April and everyone could participate. In all the social networks were shared photos with the hashtag (#whomademyclothes) and the original posters, pages that will remain active.

But we wanted to go further. Taking advantage of the fact that, in Portugal, the revolution hasn’t reached viral levels, we have to get the ball rolling on this creating our own sustainable movement. Start now our Sustainable Revolution!

"We made your sustainable knits"

This will be the big slogan of this movement that, like Fashion Revolution, intends to alert and open minds. We focus on the environmental impact of knit production because this is our business area, but we intend to go much further, without forgetting the other issues that incited the original initiative.

We are on the other side, we are the ones who open the doors to the creation and production of fashion. For this reason, we want to set an example. We intend, not only to prove that we do everything we can to ensure that this is an ecologically innocent productive chain but also to set an example for all those that are part of this world. Planet Earth is our home and it deserves to be protected.

Through the hashtag #sustainableinspiration we will show you, with images, facts, and numbers, who we are, what we do and what led us to create this revolution. We will take it as far as we can, spread it all over the world, through our participation in international fairs where we have direct contact with important brands and names of the area that can really make a difference.

We are green from the inside out

Ever since, and increasingly, we focusing on sustainability. Currently, in Trimalhas, 50% of the fabrics we develop are ecological with organic, sustainable and recycled raw materials.

We also recycle all waste materials like processed textile fibers, engine, transmission and lubrication oils, paper, plastic and metal packages. But that is not all. The waste of cotton, the steel of the knitting needles and the wooden pallets are other materials that we recycle.

All these wastes are separated and collected by companies focused on subsequent recycling and recovery processes.

The constant search for actions that increase the energetic sustainability led us to adopt LED lighting over the classic halogen or incandescent options. And to help feed them, we installed solar panels.

We work every day to show you that the commitment to sustained growth is serious and that we will always want to protect not only Guimarães, our city but also the whole ecosystem. We assumed a commitment! And you?