Spring-Summer 2019 is here, and London already felt it!

Spring-Summer 2019 is here, and London already felt it!

In 2019, sustainability will be one of the main focus of the consumers and with our Spring-Summer'19 collection, we bring that theme to the main stage.

In London, at The London Textile Fair, we presented for the first time the new Spring Summer 2019 - SS'19 collection and the feedback was incredible! It's amazing how fashion designers of brands like John Lewis, Klash Clothing Group, Jigsaw, Jack Wills, Tiffany Rose Maternity and so many others can inspire us during these events and praise our effort for sustainability and technical innovation.

In 2019, sustainability will be one of the main focus of the consumers and with our Spring-Summer'19 collection we bring that theme to the main stage. The SS'19 arrives with our effort to bring comfort, both emotional and physical, to the consumer market, having also a special inspiration and focus on the well-being of our planet, it's resources and the humankind. We are creating the future based of past ideas and new materials and patterns.


ALENQUER is inspired by the durability and sustainability. These are knits with simple shape textures and warm colors, focused on the "Home sweet home" feeling, celebrating what connect us to the world and the comfort that our "home", the nature and our tribe can bring us. It's comforting tones take us to safety and it's versatility is reflected on the sand and bright tones that can bring quietude to any piece.


BIOTOQUE is a stimulus that re-connect us to what touch us physically and emotionally. The versatility of this theme's knits allows the creators to image pieces that are perfect for the lifestyle of the consumers, with a perfect balance between comfort and well-being. The different colors are essential to emphasize the ability to shape and change the humor. That way the creators can use a color palette that allows them to design calm and relaxing pieces or other contrasting clothing with more energetic colors.


TRANSCRIAR represents the need of self-expression in a world where everyone has the need to be different, to be listened and cause impact. This theme exalts the individuality of each of us through our performance. It incorporates a self-confidence attitude based on it's sporty spirit born from it’s contrasting patterns and eccentric colors. TRANSCRIAR brings a young and urban proposal, with a strong and energetic character, daring colors and attitude. This attitude is also reflected on the 2 PHOSPHORESCENT knits presented on this theme.


We are specialized in the production of knitted fabrics, focused on innovation and sustainability. Every day our workforce enjoys a healthy work environment with our trails and fruit farm around the fabric, while delivering on-time anywhere in the world. This is why we can say that protecting the environment and creating sustainable and innovative knits is part of our DNA. Born from the long-standing Portuguese textile experience and with a know-how that allows us to assure a wide variety of knits and create the most innovative fabrics. With SS19 collection we stood up by our core values and brought together a new mix of tradition, innovation and sustainability, certified by GOTS, RCS and BCI.

Trimalhas brings the best of the Portuguese tradition on textiles with a new wave of innovation, inspiring creators and designers to achieve more complex pieces. We assure on-time delivery even on the more challenging knits.