Certification OCS attests once again quality of Trimalhas

Certification OCS attests once again quality of Trimalhas

Creating superior quality fabrics is our great mission. We never hide it! The various international certifications are the proof that we need to make sure we achieve what we set ourselves.

Organic Content Standard (OCS) is the name of the latest certification awarded by Trimalhas. And one more to filled us with pride.

This certificate is applicable to products that contain between 5% and 100% organic matter. All OCS certified knitwear follow certain requirements that allow the tracking of the entire supply chain.

Although very similar to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, since both follow the concept of organic matter, GOTS is, however, more rigorous. The fabrics must contain at least 70% of organic cotton, while the OCS can contain only 5%, as already mentioned.

Both certificates attest to the quality of our knits. The use of this material of natural origin in our collections is a choice and a commitment that we will always want to keep.