The Manifesto

The fabric
of fashion.
Fashion is art, fashion is industry. We live on both worlds, and salute true inspiration wherever it comes from. Because we know exactly where it’s going

“Inspiration” is the marching order for our future. Not just as the essence of our activity, bridging two worlds – fashion’s pure creativity and the technological challenges of the textile industry – but also as corporate philosophy, encouraging and seeking inspiration in our every move.

It is more than a pretty word, it’s concrete actions. We truly know that, as Thomas Edison put it, “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” – meaning that our results are the reflection of hard work. A reflection also of profound rigour, effort and commitment put into everything we do, and everything we hope to do.

Our vision is simple: creating fabrics of superior quality and complexity for our partners.

In fashion, production lines count as much as drawn lines. That’s why our production capacity is shaped by total commitment to our clients’ needs – even the most demanding.
Keeping a promise will always be a beautiful thing.

Innovative machinery doesn’t merely allow the development of new, technically demanding products, New equipment contributes to productive flexibility, guaranteeing a quick and secure answer to client requests while at the same time allowing the introduction of new products in the production chain.

An example: increasing the production floor to two pavilions was essential not just for the addition of new machines, but also for reorganizing the existing machinery in order to create an efficient production cycle – from yarn storing to fabric dispatch.

We’ve put in place a process optimization system based on the Lean Six Sigma methods, seeking to increase efficiency, cut wastes and focus on the stages that truly add value to the product.

Like dedication and trust, for example.

The Production

It’s not about
the size.
It’s what you do with it.
Bigger isn’t always better. We’re proud of our productive capacity, but our healthiest obsession is productive quality.

Consistency in the production flow, swiftness in delivery, technological innovation: the various international certifications and the company awards prove that we don’t just do a lot - we do it well. And remind us every day of our mission: creating superior quality fabrics.

Among the many certifications we’re proud of there’s one of a different nature: the GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard. The increasing use of organic cotton in our fabrics is both a choice and a commitment. From stock control, to employee qualification, to waste monitoring: the requisites were already in place. So, when the notoriously demanding GOTS auditing happened, we only had to do one thing: add the GOTS symbol to our production datasheets.

The Performance

The facts,
in words and numbers.
Transparency is fashionable. Download and consult here the Report and Accounts for the year 2016


Balance is at the root
of our growth.
Alongside Trimalhas’ growth there’s a continuous and increasing concern with environmental and energetic sustainability, and with the creation of processes that allow for an integrated growth at all levels.

Currently Trimalhas sends 6 tons of cardboard and 800Kg of plastics for recycling each month. We also separate oils, weaves and metals within the residues. All this refuse is collected by companies focused on recyclables processing and valorization.

The constant search for actions that increase the energetic sustainability led us to adopt LED lighting over the classic halogen or incandescent options – and to help feed them, we installed solar panels.

We assumed a commitment to sustained growth, where environmental and energetic matters are the basis of everything we build.